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Kitchen / Bath of The Month

Kitchen of the Month

Every month Colonial Marble & Granite celebrates one special installation of a custom kitchen.  With some many projects to choose from we look for overall kitchen design, style and use of countertops, backsplash and tile.  We hope these provide you with inspiration and comfort that our expert designers are standing by to help you with your dream kitchen project.

September 2017
[g-collection cid=”1851″]

August 2017
[g-collection cid=”1850″]

July 2017
[g-collection cid=”1848″]
[g-collection cid=”1849″]

June 2017
[g-collection cid=”1847″]

May 2017
[g-collection cid=”1835″]

April 2017
[g-collection cid=”1799″]

March 2017
[g-collection cid=”1833″]

February 2017
[g-collection cid=”1834″]

January 2017
[g-collection cid=”1832″]

December 2016 – Philadelphia magazine Design Home 2016
[g-collection cid=”1824″]

November 2016
[g-collection cid=”1821″]

October 2016
[g-collection cid=”1811″]

September 2016
[g-collection cid=”1807″]

August 2016
[g-collection cid=”1803″]

July 2016
[g-collection cid=”1801″]

June 2016
[g-collection cid=”1794″]

May 2016
[g-collection cid=”1797″]

April 2016
[g-collection cid=”1711″]

February 2016
[g-collection cid=”1709″]

December / January 2016
[g-collection cid=”1707″]

November 2015
[g-collection cid=”1557″]

October 2015
[g-collection cid=”1390″]

September 2015
[g-collection cid=”1379″]

August 2015
[g-collection cid=”1380″]

July 2015
[g-collection cid=”1381″]

June 2015
[g-collection cid=”1383″]

May 2015
[g-collection cid=”1384″]

April 2015
[g-collection cid=”1385″]