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Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas, Designs & Materials

Ideas, Designs & Materials to Consider for Your Kitchen Tile Backsplash

The addition of a backsplash to your overall kitchen design is both practical and decorative. A backsplash will protect your walls from food, liquid, grease splatter, stains, and water damage that could lead to mold and mildew, while at the same time give your kitchen an extra stylish accent and aesthetic appeal tailored to your particular design sense. From tile to engineered stone to glass mosaic, materials popular for backsplashes are durable, stain-resistant, and low maintenance. There are a lot of different ideas and designs to consider for kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

The design teams at Colonial Marble & Granite take great interest in creating the perfect kitchen suited to your design style and needs, and the backsplash is an essential piece to the puzzle. Here, you will see some of the sophisticated backsplash designs homeowners and our designers have crafted together to make these Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey kitchens attractive and impressive.

Kitchen Backsplash Pictures & Concepts

Stone Subway Tile
Granite meets stone subway tile in this modern, earthy kitchen. Putting the sink in the kitchen island also allows for more counter space around the stove and makes the tile backsplash stand out even more.
white backsplash
A white backsplash bridges the colors between the dark countertop and wood cabinets in this beautiful kitchen.
diamond patterned tile backsplash
The diamond patterned tile backsplash and oven backsplash provides contrast in color and shape.
tile backsplash
With additional range lighting, the backsplash over the oven becomes a beautiful focal point of the kitchen. The kitchen features a large stylistic backsplash as a backdrop to a 6 burner gas stove.
tile backsplash inspiration
Beautiful examples of artful accents in different shapes and styles complimenting the various kitchens.
granite backsplash
The kitchen counter and backsplash are one as the granite extends up to the cabinets. Under-counter lighting adds visual appeal as well as functionality.
Travertine mosaics tile backsplash
Travertine mosaics complement a white quartz surface in this wet bar location.
marble kitchen backsplash
Marble takes the stage in these kitchens adding elegance and drama.
Quartzite backsplash
Quartzite adds beautiful luxury to any space.
unique kitchen backsplash
The ultimate backsplash demonstrating the versatility various tiles can provide.

Visit our kitchen visualizer to see how different backsplash options will fit with your overall vision.

Backsplash Materials

Understanding available backsplash materials will allow you to make the best selection for your needs.

Porcelain/ceramic tiles: A classic backsplash material, tile allows for functionality and versatility in the kitchen. The durable, water-resistant qualities of tile make this material one of the most popular choices and is available in an array of shapes, colors, and sizes to fit any vision.

Quartz: Engineered quartz surfacing continues to become more popular in many areas of the home due to its durability, flexibility, and low maintenance. Quartz slabs are large and can create the sheet backsplash look, as a continuous slab has no seams. Quartz surfaces are nonporous making them mold and mildew resistant, and easy to clean.

Natural stone: Natural stones like granite, quartzite, marble, and travertine make elegant, durable backsplashes. These stones can create an almost seamless transition when used on both the countertop and backsplash. Honed travertine can emit rustic visual appeal while quartzite gives a more luxurious look. Natural stone will require a bit more maintenance, including yearly sealing.

Glass tiles: The translucency of glass tile gives a kitchen a contemporary, yet organic feel. The reflective surface allows for a lighter, brighter kitchen. The glass tiles themselves are nonporous, but the grout between the glass tiles/mosaics will need some maintenance attention.

Backsplash Design Considerations

Backsplashes complete the aesthetic of a kitchen or bathroom, and they are very personal. It is important to consider how the backsplash design will complement your countertops, cabinets, and flooring. Strategic placement of tiles or slabs will be necessary, no matter if your end goal is a streamlined, harmonious look or an artfully mismatched mosaic. Your backsplash can be completely neutral, or it can be the focal point of the room. Common kitchen backsplash designs include matching countertop, seamless slab design, jeweled, neutral, geometric-patterned, floral-patterned, stacked tiles, and subway tiles — to name a few. The options are endless.

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